Before agreeing to do a translation job, we will review the document for free and give you an official price quote.

Texts with highly specialized terms will take more time and resources and therefore will cost more. Documents needed urgently* will require additional translators and will also incur an additional fee

To give you a general idea, these are our estimated prices:

We have discount for non-profit organizations so please do not hesitate to ask

Table of minimum fees.

English to Japanese
Japanese to English
US$ 0.20/word
US$ 0.10/character
20% additional fee
20% additional fee

Minimum quote: US$40

If a text to be translated, edited and/or proofread has less then 200 words
in English or 400 characters in Japanese, we will charge you US$40 or 4,000

* What is considered to be urgent?

Normally it takes us 2 business days to complete translating and proofreading 2,000 words of text.

It may be possible to expedite the translation, for the urgent fee.

An official price will be decided after reviewing the document to be translated. Please do not hesitate to email us.

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