Kiwanis International (2008 – Ongoing)

“Always been satisfied with the work”

We have been working with Imafuji Translations since 2008 and we have always been satisfied with the work.

Our usual requests are mostly marketing materials, newsletters and bylaws translations and Imafuji Translation have been providing high quality translation for these requests.

Imajuji translations is also always on time on delivery.  We highly recommend this company.

Kiwanis International


Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County (January 2009)

“We got more than our money’s worth”

The Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, Indiana, was well pleased with the services provided to us by Imafuji Translations.

We contracted with Imafuji Translations for the translation of several documents before we made a business trip to Japan in September 2008.

Among the documents we needed were business cards, the on-screen wording and the script for a PowerPoint sales presentation, written introductions for members of our delegation, and the wording for plaques of appreciation that we presented to four companies that we visited.

Masahiro Imafuji responded by visiting with us and getting a firm idea of our needs and who we were trying to communicate with. He provided very quick turnaround on our documents.

What pleased us most was his attention to the nuances of language. When he saw an American term that would not translate well into Japanese, he asked what concept we were trying to communicate and then chose a Japanese term for it. For example, he thought that Economic Development Corporation might be misunderstood and suggested that we use a phrase indicating that we are a not-for-profit nongovernment organization. In Japan, this paid off handsomely: when we presented our business cards, our Japanese hosts instantly knew the kind of organization we represented.

Besides the quick, accurate and nuanced translations, we also believed that the rate charged by Imafuji Translations was extremely reasonable. In short, we got more than our money’s worth.

- Bob Hansen
Manager, Business Retention and Expansion

NPR Manufacturing Kentucky, LLC (March 2008)






- Senior Executive Assistant
NPR Manufacturing Kentucky, LLC