Different Kinds of Translation

In the global landscape that is today’s ever-evolving world, there are a variety of translating needs, and with them come various types of translations. In this article we will go into a discussion of three kinds of translation services.

With technical translation, a service that is considerably in demand, there needs to be a background in some technical field in order to be successful. This can be knowledge of certain software programs or some type of engineering or machine-style technical know-how.

Most companies involved in these kinds of translations will most often seek out a translator company as opposed to a freelance translator for the simple fact; agencies will house highly skilled and therefore more qualified translators who would possess the level of technical know-how sought after by the companies who need the work done.

Standardization is another reason why translator agencies are better fit for this type of translation services, to ensure that the translating work being done is the same across the board, and that none of the terminology unique to the technology will be lost or mistranslated.

However, this is not always the case. Big translation agencies that deal with a huge amount of work use various translators and proofreaders. This could result in inconsistency in terminology and wording.

My personal advice is to check with the agency that you are considering to work with.

Scientific translating includes the fields of medicine as well as the various sciences like physics, chemistry and mechanical science, and may also delve into the various research fields.

The better translation agencies will see to it that words and phrases in use with their translating services are going to be understood by any other country where doctors, scientists and researchers may be involved in ongoing work in their respective fields of endeavor.

Literary translations need a complete understanding and experience in the languages involved, both the original and the destination language, but translators in this task need to possess the special skills to be able to convey the feelings intended by the original authors, and to be able to choose just the right words in the target language to be able to accomplish this.

The best translation agencies will have proofreaders experienced with this ability, because they speak natively the language into which the literary work is to be translated.

Translating documents is a type of translation that always needs to be given to a translation agency to perform, because more often than not it needs certification of a special type.

Translating for general reasons is the easiest type of translating, as it doesn’t need any real skills in terms of meaning or terminology in order to translate it correctly.